Strategic Location

Available Next Day Ground Service to: Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix

CALe is located in Stockton California, which is perfectly positioned to operate as your west coast fulfillment partner. Through the use of direct line hauls and proven partners, CALe has been able to turn the west coast market into a 1 day transit zone.

Major Cities Within 1 Day Transit of Fulfillment Partner Locations

West Coast
– Seattle, Washington
– Portland, Oregon
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– San Francisco, California
– San Jose, California
– Los Angeles, California
– San Diego, California
– Phoenix, Arizona

– Dallas, Texas
– Austin, Texas
– Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

East Coast
– New York, New York
– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– Baltimore, Maryland
– Washington, District of Columbia
– Richmond, Virginia
– Miami, Florida
– Orlando, Florida
– Jacksonville, Florida
– Charleston, South Carolina
– Atlanta, Georgia

Next day ground service to over 50 percent of America’s population, and 98 percent of America’s population in 48 hours.